Swedish Massage

Designed to relax body and mind, massage has an amazing number of benefits. It releases tension stored in the muscles caused by stress and poor posture. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body and removes their waste.

Massage stimulates and soothes nerve endings, vital for physiological functioning. It aids exfoliation of dead skin cells, encouraging cellular renewal, leaving skin feeling smoother and more toned. It also helps regulate the digestive system, which is easily affected by the stresses of daily life.

The Healing Touch

Last but not least, the action of physical touch is, in itself, both healing and comforting, as it is said that the electro-magnetic fields surrounding the palms of the hands are particularly powerful.


A full body massage takes an hour and costs £35, while a back massage takes 30 minutes and costs £23.


A massage treatment can take place at The Practice Rooms, central Bath or at Kim`s home. Appointments upon request.

Contact email:info@healwithin.co.uk phone: 077 49921118
The Practice Rooms, 26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RH

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