Case studies

Reflexology -         Client, 40 year old female,working  full time and mother of four. Hectic lifestyle and  presenting high blood pressure. 1st and 2nd  treatments - 8 and 15 May '10. 3rd treatment - 26 May '10. Client received letter from her G.P 24 May '10 - blood pressure is normal. Client unable to attend for a following treatment until 24 July '10 due to personal circumstances. Blood pressure taken on home kit showing blood pressure within normal range.

Reiki Client, 64 year old female, rectum removed due to a tumour on 6 April '10. Stoma bag fitted, also vac dressing to operation wound to remove pus. Client received 6 x 1/2 hour Reiki sessions during May and June 2010. Sessions given on her front only as only able to lie on her back. Operation wound originally 15cm long, 5cm wide and 6cm deep. After last session 17 June '10, client reports wound healing unexpectedly well.

The Metamorphic Technique - 28 year old male, addicted to cannabis and on medication for anxiety and depression. Received 5 sessions between 1 June '10 - 2 July '10. Generally felt there were periods of feeling calmer, more confident and  having more self-belief.

The above case studies are not in themselves a 'claim' that these techniques 'cure' These are reports of what  certain individuals experienced. 

N.B. Individual experiences will be different from other individuals' experiences. 


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